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The 2016 election results present immediate threats to a wide range of communities who were belittled, criminalized and attacked during the presidential campaign – immigrants, women, Muslim and Arab-American communities, Black people, LGBTQ communities, and all people of color. These communities need increased capacity so that they can respond, act nimbly, and develop new strategies in this new period. The fund will focus on grassroots organizations in communities of color who are facing injustice based on racial, ethnic, religious and other forms of discrimination. We will provide resources to defend against what's coming, and to develop innovative strategies to transform our country.

The Emergent Fund is being established as a partnership between Solidaire NetworkWomen Donors Network, and Threshold Foundation to provide a way for individuals at all levels to contribute their money strategically in this critical moment. The Fund is governed by an Advisory Council made up of leaders who represent communities who will be most affected by the new administration.

In 2017, our Advisory Council has approved over $1 million, and will continue to grant out to the field on a frequent and rolling basis.  

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We hope you will join us.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [women and] men to do nothing.


criteria for funding

There are two types of efforts we support, which distinguish an Emergent Fund grant from thousands other worthy projects and organizations:

  • Efforts that support emergent strategies that help communities respond to rapidly changing conditions. This includes resisting new or amplified threats and building power to move a proactive agenda.
  • Efforts seeking long-term social justice and economic justice in a political and social climate that seeks to dismantle such efforts. 

Additional considerations:

  • Emergent work: New solutions responding to rapidly changing conditions in the current political environment

  • Visionary and Power Building: Seeks transformational systemic changes rooted in social and economic justice. Develops community power through organizing and/or leadership development (including through new tools), direct action, and/or cultural work

  • Leadership from affected communities

  • Intersectional Analysis: Engages multiple identities and multi-racial alliance building as core to theory of change

  • Endorsed: Recommended by a member of the Nominations Network

  • Right size of need: The level of Emergent Fund support is appropriate to the work

If you'd like to make a nomination, please use the form to your right. You may make up to three nominations, and may nominate your own organization. 

Nominations can be ideas, collaborations, campaigns, or organizations, whether or not they are fully formed; don't worry about your notes being perfect or comprehensive. All notes from our nomination form will be shared with our Advisory Council for review.

To learn more, please visit our Advisory Council page.



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Nominator Name
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Nominator Phone Number
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Nominee Contact
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Nominee Phone Number
Tell us about who came up with this idea and who is part of the team and leadership. We believe that the people most impacted by the crises of our time - including but not limited to people of color, working class people, LGBTQ folks - are most effective at the helm of our movements.
What amount of funding do you believe is needed for the project and what will it be used for? If this is the project of a larger organization, what is the budget of that organization?