If you are not already part of a donor network, we encourage you to consider joining one. In these uncertain times, it is more crucial than ever that we communicate, learn together, and work together. We have found our work to be most nourishing and effective when we are taking action from an enduring community of support and coordination. Learn more about the communities that founded the Emergent Fund below.


solidaire network

Solidaire is a community of individuals with access to financial resources who are committed to funding progressive social movements. We bring our whole selves – with all of our privilege, experiences, knowledge, and networks – to the struggle for a more just and equitable society.

Solidaire’s primary constituency is individuals with wealth who have the ability to move $50,000 or more in annual giving personally or through a family foundation.

Please reach out to us if you'd like to learn more about joining our community. We'd love to hear from you!


women donors network

Women Donors Network’s (WDN) mission is to advance a just, equitable, and sustainable world by leveraging the wealth, power, and community of progressive women donors. We are a vibrant community of 200+ individual women philanthropists with a purpose. Together we make contributions of more than $175 million a year toward social change.

WDN develops individual women donors to be our most powerful selves. At the same time, we support the field with bedrock funding and incubate high-impact initiatives that create long-lasting change.

Learn more about our community, our impact, and how you can join online:


Threshold foundation

Threshold is a progressive foundation and a community of individuals united by our commitment to create a just, joyful, and generative world.  For more than three decades, Threshold has been a catalyst for social and environmental change by seeding hundreds of nascent organizations, and by supporting the inception of multiple donor networks and socially responsible businesses throughout the world.  We are a multi-generational membership organization devoted to aligning our resources with our values while fostering a fertile training ground for the full and authentic expression of our passions and purpose.

Learn more about Threshold’s community and grantmaking by visiting: